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by - Friday, June 23, 2017

Montpellier is the 8th largest city of France, situated in the south. Being the fastest growing city in the past 25 years, a third of its population are students therefore there is an abundance of things to see and do.

Finally after 3 years I was able to return to this beautiful place for a week, and honestly it was probably one of the best weeks of my life. Even though the daily 34 degree heat killed my body, skin and my soul, it was definitely worth it to see views like this.

As you know by now, I constantly take photos of anything and everything. Yes many of them are pretty pointless, but at least you can always delete the crappy photographs rather than regret you had never taken them. 

The whole reason for visiting mtp, was to see my french exchange and meilleure frate.
 Just picture a chic, naturally beautiful french girl, who always looks effortlessly put together and this is Diana. As she looks like a model on a daily basis, I took this in my stride to photograph her constantly.

During the week, we went and did / saw various things. On the day I flew out to MTP, we visited an outdoor bar and restaurant named 'marche du lez'. Being a serene and beautifully illustrated area, there couldn't have been a place more perfect to sit and watch the sunset with drinks and empanadas. 

On the second day I felt slightly famous for the day, going to a private beach looking out at crystal blue water, whilst eating hands down the best salad known to man. Obviously I photographed this place to death, but it was far too beautiful not too.

Day 3 was a day spent exploring the town and doing some shopping. The quaint and delicate streets of MTP would never get boring to photograph, as every corner is even more interesting than the last. For someone who likes to take photos, its a constant field day being in this city.

With a busy start to the week, day 4 became a pool day and an opportunity to get some edgy photographs against the picturesque flowers. Thats if you could see me though, as I can practically use the white flowers as camouflage. 4 days in the sun, yet no trace of it. 

Day 5 was the busiest day by far, but I did accomplish a lot. The Corum is a building which allows you to walk to top and be rewarded with seeing the whole city from a birds eye view. Probably my favourite place in MTP, it never fails to produce beautiful photographs. 

Unknown to me until the day, the festival of architecture was going on within the city. Artists from France and Spain pair together to create architectural installations based on a word. The word for 2017 being emotions. Some pieces were quite abstract and focused on ones perception, thus you had to visit it to understand as it could not be photographed well. 
However there were some installations which honestly were some of the most beautiful architectural pieces I have seen.

After walking around the city alone, to find all of these installations in various buildings, looking like a stereotypical english tourist, I thought I would live up to how I looked and visit all the tourist destinations. As I had walked myself to the edge of the city, I wanted to visit the botanical gardens, to fulfil my obsessive love of plants. 

I then walked 5 minutes up from the gardens to see the arch de triomphe, also known as the porte du Peyrou, as well as the promenade du Peyrou. As tourist attractions are, both are as beautiful as each other. But I struggled to get good photographs as both buildings were filled with other tourists doing the same thing as myself. 

The last 2 days of the trip consisted of chilling out during the day and living it up at night. Willie Carter Sharpe was a bar we visited on the second to last night, and even though it crushed me with how expensive the drinks were, it was completely worth it for the photographs. I've never seen cocktails look cooler than this.

Finally if you're still reading, the last night was spent as a ninja. Dressing up for a fancy dress birthday party, with the theme being countries of the world. I decided I wanted to go as a Ninja and Diana decided she wanted to go as a boxer. So here we are, in character...

And thats it. I would highly recommend going to Montpellier and exploring the city, I know for a fact I only did a small fraction of things that you are able to do. So if you're deciding where to go this summer, definitely put Montpellier down as a choice.

A massive thank you to Diana and the Melhem's for me being able to have this bloody amazing holiday, I miss you's a tonne already and hopefully it won't be long until I see you all again!

Until next time,

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