semester 2 : drawing 1A

by - Friday, May 12, 2017

Drawing; The art or technique of representing an object or outlining a figure, plan or sketch by means of lines. 

By exploring drawing through various different ways, such as creating implements, removing senses, using dual mediums, drawing onto materials, collaging and continuous lines, I narrowed my focus on which part interested me most. Continuous line drawing is completely new to me, but I liked it a lot. The movement of the unique lines, I feel, makes a drawing much more interesting. 

At first I wanted to pair architecture with continuous line, however as the semester went on, I became more interested in collage and colour. So I became more experimental. I formed a series of experiments pairing different elements, such as ink and newspaper, and using 2 tools simultaneously. My aim was to test as many different drawing styles as possible, so I could get a jist of what I wanted to take further.

This is when I realised I was not intrigued by the architectural element of the photography alone, but the journey. The continuous lines denote movement which cannot be seen in more realistic drawings, so this made more sense as to why I was fond of the technique. 

The 10 studies which I created focus on materiality, and how well they denote a journey. Each study is based on a photograph which I have taken in the past 8 months, depicting my journey through the first year of university. The photographs which I used are shown below. 

Each medium, which I experimented with, added something different to a piece, whether that be aesthetic or a sentiment.

Collaging was one of the techniques which I liked the most, as the texture made a study look much more appealing, than a plain 2D surface. However I struggled with finding the right collage material to use, as I didn't want to just use something for the sake of it.

But when doodling on the study of flamingo styled wallpaper from a restaurant, I added sound waves to the bottom of the piece, and even though the addition of the waves didn't add any texture to the piece, I liked how it added more interest. Therefore, I decided to expand on this and form a graphic A3 work, covered in sound waves to show the noises on the journey within the image ; and use this as one of my final pieces.

Continuous line drawing has been a firm part throughout this project. As it interested me a lot, I focused most of my studies on tracing over imagery with a continuous line. It resulted in a slightly distorted version of the image, but at the same time it was perfectly recognisable. 
As I had many printed images, I decided to choose the continuous drawings which turned out the best and create a scroll. A scroll creates a timeline, which I believe is a perfect depiction of a journey. 
I liked how the continous line had looked on tracing paper, so I drew the continuous lines onto this and secured them onto a roll of paper for a better structure.

And that's a wrap on drawing semester 2! I hope you enjoy the drawings, I am trying to post more frequently but exam season is a nightmare, so until next time...


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